Manage your inventory Online, anywhere anytime

It Includes an Auto-dealership website to show your entire fleet online
Accept online payment from your website

Features that We Offer

Mass VIN Decoding

Don't waste time entering one vehicle at a time, simply provide a list VINs and DealerHawk will take care of filing in the details into your inventory with few clicks

Accept Online Payments

Avoid delays by providing your customers with easy access online credit card processing system that automatically updates your customer’s account without any effort from you

Google & Bing Listing

DealerHawk will automatically submit your vehicles to Google and Bing allowing for more leads for your business

Inventory Management

DealerHawk provides you with all the required tools to be able to Manage your Inventory online anyime anywhere

Mobile VIN Scanner Technology

DealerHawk provides you with a Mobile App that allows you to Scan the VIN from your vehicle and insert it into your inventory straight from your lot

Full Accounting System

DealerHawk provides a FULL Accounting System. You can create customer accounts of their purchases, accepting online payments, print Bill-of-Sale, creating payment plans, finance, etc

Unlimited Vehicles

Enjoy having all your inventory online with no restrictions to the number of Vehicles that you can host

VIN Decoder

Save a lot of time when entering your vehicles, simply enter the VIN number and DealerHawk will take care filing the details in

Mobile Photo Uploads

DealerHawk Mobile comes with ability to take photos of your inventory and upload them while standing next to your vehicle.

Mobile App

View your inventory right from the palm of your hand with DealerHawk Mobile app

Photo Batch Upload

With Batch Photo uploads you can select multiple photos and upload them with a single click.

FREE Website

With DealerHawk, you will have a state of the art Auto Dealership website for FREE.

Bill Of Sale

Generate bill of sale with a click a button.


DealerHawk provides you with tools you need to finance your customers in house if you wish and keep track of their payments.

Payment Plans

Customize payment plans to fit your customer’s need, generate automatic payment reminders and more.


Trade-in values can automatically be incorporated in your sale transaction.


Make your auto dealership management a little easier by taking advantage of auto-generated printables; such as Buyers Guide, Bill of Sale and more.

Customer Communication

In the same system, you can view messages and enquires from your customers. You can also have the messages sent to your email inbox

Buying from Customers

Those customers who have vehicles for sale are able send their vehicles information along with its pictures right from your website.

Feature Customization

You can enable or disable most of the features of your site from your control panel.

Linkeage to Social Media

You can display your Social Media account links on your website.

Bring Your Own Domain (BYOD)

DealerHawk provides you with a website and subdomain for FREE. If you already have registered a domain name (example:, you can link it to your DealerHawk application without having to transfer its ownership.

Customer Interactions

Through your auto dealership website, customers can interact directly with you by sending enquiries and Contact Us Messages visible on your control panel.

Browsing Inventory

Your customers can view and browse your inventory using advanced filters.

Sharing with Friends

Right from your website, your customers can share your vehicles with their others through Facebook, twitter and emails.

Auto Generating Banner

When you join DealerHawk, the application will automatically generate a default top page banner for you; which is replaceable at any time by you

Our Pricing

Simple and Straight Forward Pricing -- Limited Time Offer

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No Obligation

  • Unlimited Inventory Management
  • Automatic Google & Bing Listing SEO
  • VIN Decoder
  • Full Accounting and Reporting System
  • Accepting Online Payments
  • Mobile VIN Scanner
  • Much More...


$3000 / month

billed annually $360 - limited time offer

  • Unlimited Inventory Management
  • Automatic Google & Bing Listing SEO
  • VIN Decoder
  • Full Accounting and Reporting System
  • Accepting Online Payments
  • Mobile VIN Scanner
  • Much More...

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